• Breanna Bell

    Breanna Bell

    Coach Beasley Presents Breanna Bell Her High School Diploma
  • Brock Harrington

    Brock Harrington

    Coach Beasley Presents Brock Harrington His High School Diploma
  • Hannah Shultz

    Hannah Shultz

    Coach Beasley Presents Hanna Shultz Her High School Diploma
  • David Sanders

    David Sanders

    Coach Beasley Presents David Sanders His High School Diploma
  • Christopher Welter

    Christopher Welter

    Principal Josh Rogers Presents Christopher Welter His High School Diploma
  • Lydia Baker

    Lydia Baker

    Coach Beasley Presents Lydia Baker Her High School Diploma
  • Hannah Mashburn

    Hannah Mashburn

    Roberta Brazier Presents Hannah Mashburn Her High School Diploma
  • Kaelee Gulley

    Kaelee Gulley

    Kevin Morris Presents Kaelee Gulley Her High School Diploma
  • Restorative Practice

    Restorative Practice

    Summertown Elementary School, through the Aware Grant, was able to receive Restorative Practice Training. This teaches building community and responding to challenging behaviors.
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