• Panthers Football

    Panthers Football

    E. O. Coffman Panthers roared through with a win for their Homecoming Game!
  • Homecoming Fun

    Homecoming Fun

    E.O. Coffman is serious about Homecoming Fun!
  • Octuplets!!


    Octuplets! Twinzies Extreme or a combination of eight of a kind
  • Plaid


  • Girls Volleyball

    Girls Volleyball

    Congratulations to our Middle Tennessee Girls Volleyball Sectional Tournament Champions! Congratulations to Carson Gobble, Kenzie Frazier, Kara Davis, Madison Tidwell, and Carley Fields who made the All Tournament Team. We are so proud of them as athletes and scholars!
  • Twinzies?


    Something or someone that strongly resembles another. Synonyms: alter ego, carbon, carbon copy, clone, counterpart, doppelgänger.
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